To be fair, many women are too scared to report rape. It only makes it worse when the person has some level of fame, it intimidates the victim, you know? So when a controversy like this starts up, seeing women speak out saying he has harassed them in the past helps give them courage to speak up about what happened, as well. This isn't proof, but it is something to consider when asking "why now and not then"

But why are they more comfortable making a /PUBLIC/ YouTube video rather than going to the Police and not having to worry about being identified or anything else? They are doing it for the fame, if it was a legit case, they would treat it as such. They’re not scared, because they were never raped.

what kind of proof do you need in order to accept sam pepper raped someone? an actual video of it happening? what the fuck is wrong with you, if someone comes out to being sexually assaulted and the first thing you ask for is ~proof~ of it happening, what. the. fuck.

Because people falsely accuse others of rape, and it’s a serious thing. People’s lives are ruined because of false accusations. I’m not saying all accusations are false, but I am accusing the ones against Sam Pepper to be false as they are only now coming out, with ‘proof’ that is extremely easy to forge.

Sorry for being logical, darling.

Dude, you need to start learning some shit about the real world. You're 17, you need to buck up and learn about important issues that will affect how you live your life. I also feel sorry for your mother. Can you imagine if she knew that you don't think she should have equal opportunities or that you thought a male forcing himself on her was an O.K. thing to do, and that 'it didn't happen if there wasn't any evidence'. Except here there is evidence, IN A FUCKING YOUTUBE VIDEO.

Send me the YouTube video that isn’t some whiney kid accusing somebody on no actual evidence.

I’m 18, by the way, forgot to edit that on my blog, oh well.

And sorry, I am all for equal opportunities and rights. Any crime against anybody is wrong, but being racist towards blacks should not be worse than racism towards whites. Same with sexist, apparently it’s only bad to be sexist towards females whereas being sexist towards males isn’t a thing because reverse-discrimination is bullshit, according to the factual site that is Tumblr. 

My mum loves me, I love my mum. Fight me in real life bro, 1v1 quickscope noscope

To those making extremely lame/negative comments towards Brandon, is that necessary? One's opinion on a pop culture issue is their own opinion and you should not focus on being negative towards that person but rather explaining your own opinions and giving valid explanations as to why you think such. Personally, I think that the whole thing about it being a social experiment was a cover up. It was an easy way to get out of the drama. I don't condone what he did, even if it was a prank.

I don’t know if you’re being nice or being very sneakily rude, but I do respect your opinion because it’s actually thought out, unlike the others on here. Thank you.

Although everyone is innocent until proven guilty, Pepper's silence has pretty much shown how guilty he is. There is ACTUAL PROOF of him raping the girl, and I was a volunteer at SitC this year which is a youtube gathering and I saw him acting inappropriately with fans.

Okay, show me the proof and I will show how it’s fake. Go on, I’ll wait for the link.

There was proof given that Sam raped the girl working in the cafe. Doctor's records.

Okay, why haven’t they gone to the police? Why isn’t Sam Pepper being arrested? Wait, is it because he’s innocent? Shit… Who would have guessed? Definitely not the fuckwits on here.

Please go crawl up Sam peppers ass. Seems like you'd be better there.

Nah, I’m not gay. I’m a white cis heterosexual male, I have too many privileges for that

Lol ur real good at replying to anons ahhahaha you made me smile! Your ignorance is so fucking HILARIOUS.

I’m glad I can make you smile, makes me feel better <3

I mean, you could always come off of Anonymous and talk to me, your cowardliness is a bit funnier, I think.

It was not staged you dumbass. He's trying to cover up for what he did wrong.

He did nothing wrong, he’s proving that by showing everyone that it was staged.

Okay, give me proof that it wasn’t staged. Get me accusations of sexual harrassment from the women in the video. You can’t? Because there was none.

Please get off tumblr.

I accept PayPal gift cards, otherwise I’m fine thank you.

Sam pepper sexually assaulted women for a YouTube 'prank'. It was disgusting and what he is getting for it, he deserves. So shut up you ugly ass scene Justin Bieber fuck.

Use a more original insult, bro. That one just makes me smile, I love my JB look. #SceneJustinBieberProblems

The video that he is getting shit for was staged. He made a seperate video clarifying that. If he was sexually harrassing those women, surely they would have filed a complaint? Even if it wasn’t staged, he’d have to get permission from the women to use that clip in his video, that’s how YouTube and prank videos work.

ah, right. i forgot rape and sexual assault were classified as 'no reason' to be upset with someone. my bad. fun fact you don't have to be a feminist to be against rape kid

I am against rape, but Sam Pepper has not raped anybody, or sexually harrassed anybody. There is no proof, in the video it was staged, the people who claim ‘rape’ have no proof and have not gone to the police, pretty much guaranteeing that their story is complete horse shit as they know they’ll get charged for falsely accusing an individual of rape.

Welcome to the real world, mate. You don’t get your own closed-minded way.

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